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Healthy Food

Our Team

Meet Sara Black Charm

Executive Chef and Kosher Culinary Expert

Executive Chef Sara Black Charm has been in the culinary world for 20+ Years. She has traveled the world, experimented and studied Kosher and Non-Kosher gourmet cooking, acquiring the unique ability to convert any style of food into an amazing Kosher Healthy dish!

Sara has a rich experience as a Head Chef of a Jerusalem 5 star hotel. She is the owner and executive chef of HealthEat and manages events to create the perfect occasion! 

Sara is well known as a private chef, creating incredible Kosher meals that complete and complement the perfect healthy adjusted meals.

Sara believes that the Jewish world needs quality kosher food without compromises. To that end, Sara spends part of her time practicing nutritious and healthy foods, adjusting specified menus and recipes according to specific food needs, making the world a tastier, healthier, kosher environment.

Chef Sara Black Charm

Meet Tamar Schriger

Clinical Dietitian 

We are excited to have Tamar Schriger join our team.  Tamar is a Veteran Clinical Dietitian. Her work experience includes having worked in health clinics in Israel for 25 years and in nursing care units for 20 years. 

Tamar has also worked as a nutrition educator in various settings. 

Tamar’s philosophy is to help her clients develop an optimal health profile and believes that this can be achieved by eating as much whole foods, plant based  eating pattern or an adaptation thereof as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tamar is married to Avraham and is a proud mother of 6 and grandmother of 5 grandchildren!

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