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Festive Dinner Table

Passover 2024
פסח 2024

Mehadrin Kosher- Non Kitniyot
כשר למהדרין- ללא קטניות

Are you planning your Passover and would like a beautifully catered meal?

?מחפשים ליהנות מארוחת חג הפסח מבלי לדאוג

Orders are accepted until Friday, April 12 2024

הזמנות יתקבלו עד יום שישי, 12 לאפריל 2024


This is easy and healthy! Place your order in the link below with your order and we will make it happen!

Delivery Charges will Apply

 We accommodate all food sensitivities and allergies and the food is spectacular!

Passover Symbols

Download our Passover Cook Book • Kitniyot Recipes

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