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Green Peas

Our Services

Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition
Enjoy your very own Chef and Nutrition Advisor

We are here to cook and deliver food to you on a weekly basis!

At our first zoom meeting both the Chef, Sara and Clinical Dietitian Tamar get to know you, your health history, your food likes and dislikes and your dietary and wellness goals. 

Together we will build your weekly menus, listen carefully to your feedback and build a relationship with you!

We establish the meal program you desire and then set up a private WhatsApp group  where your weekly menus are presented for your comments and confirmation. 

This group is also where we expect to hear your feedback and where we share recipes, food ideas and nutritional tips.

Lunch Sized Meal- 130 NIS
Dinner Sized Meal + Snack- 190 NIS
Deliveries according to location

Personal Consultation Programs

Clinical Dietitian and Chef Personal Consultation Programs

Eating healthy is the base of a quality life. What you put into your body determines how you feel, physically and emotionally and influences the efficacy of your body systems and organs. The nutrients you ingest from the food you eat provide your body with energy, and protection from damage and disease. In order to successfully change your dietary habits we believe one must be educated and informed and make gradual changes that work for your lifestyle.  

Everyone’s eating habits and choices are very individual as are your risks for disease. 

We at HealthEat appreciate this uniqueness in our clients and use a holistic approach to help you reach your diet and health goals. 

We incorporate the guidance of a Clinical Dietitian and a Certified Chef who meet with you, listen to your desires and provide you with the tools to better your health. 


Our goal is for you to continue your lifelong health journey with new tools

that lead to continued success!

Personal Consultations

Individual Nutrition bundle of 5 sessions- 1,750 NIS
Family Nutrition bundle of 5 sessions- 3,000 NIS

One time meetings- Individual- 450 NIS, Family- 700 NIS

"The food was delicious! Between Sara the Chef, Tamar the Dietitian and Ofir the driver, I feel like we built a healthy relationship!"

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