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Donate a healthy meal to a Soldier or Family!

Our soldiers are fighting for our safety. 

We want to fight for their health.

At HealthEat we came up with healthy, balanced, nutritious, vegan & gluten free meals for our soldiers across the country!

We have been getting requests for the same meals for families who lost their loved ones and homes, lets help them with healthy meals!

*Each meal was carefully designed for soldiers to carry in their backpacks while in the field and consume within 3 days.

*Food for families are designed to feed them nutritiously and deliciously.

*Our food is non GMO and non Processed.

*We accommodate all food sensitivities and allergies, although we are not considered sterile from gluten, eggs, nuts.

For 75 NIS and we will take care of the rest!
HealthEat is licensed by the Health Ministry of Israel

In loving memory of

David Newman

This is David. 

He had a boyish smile that lit up a room. 

He made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. 

He had an infecious laugh. 

He was so friendly and respectful. 


You gave off this sense of protection. 

You made everyone around you feel safe.

Maybe it was because you were tall and strong. 

Maybe it was the way you spoke. 

Maybe the way you towered over people when you hugged them.

But that's who you were.

You were a sense of security for your siblings. 

You protected everyone around you until the very end. 

In the midst of turmoil and fear,

David sent out his location to a friend in the army.

Troops were sent to the area.

And because of David, many many people were saved.

He's a hero. 


You're safe now. 

Watch over us our angel ❤️

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