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"The wellness advisor Judy is outstanding—she knows a lot more than some others I have spoken to and has helped me with additional health issues that I had been ignoring. My cardiologist is very pleased and the food is absolutely delicious!"

"I had a fantastic night with steady sugar levels after your meal and all through the night. I'm nearly crying writing this from happiness and relief. Thank you!" 

“What I found most helpful when I first started our relationship was your personal attitude towards me. Who am I, what do I do and where I wanted to get to.”

"Our life and schedules have changed dramatically. The food is delicious, specific to my needs while taking into account the tastes of the other family members. Both Sara and Judy are  in weekly dialogue with us, making suggestions and asking for feedback."

Bali was full of challenges. Between the oven and gas not working properly and despite the limited availability of resources, you were able to present us with a fresh, full and delicious table three times a day! Thank you again for fueling us daily in Bali. 

Everything was delicious...Thank you for the complete Seder plate...Totally devoured all. Charoset so delicious! And the portions were amazing.  OMG, and the desserts...

It was loads of fun. Putting your delicious couture bites side by side with the fashion greats really did them justice! 

Thank you for the third event! We started off in the first year with 180 people and this year we had 300! We hired you as a chef and you did exactly what we hired you for! Looking forward to next year!

Our Bat Mitzvah shabbat during Sukkot was outstanding! Thank you so much! the food and service was elegant, delicious and beautifully plated. We felt that you brought gourmet into traditional!

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